Best AirBnB Conversion Property Investment Penang

The Best Airbnb Property Investment In Malaysia-[Penang] in 2017

Airbnb has become increasingly popular these days and has make it way to become a trend for those 20’s opt for Airbnb over Hotel for a budget yet affordable stay. In fact some other people in other countries especially europeans became a full timer by managing multiple places and convert it for Air BnB to make a living.

Believe it of not, unlike the 60’s and 80’s these things do really work and you could really made some decent income out of this rising servicing industry.

In Malaysia, the Government has endorsed home-sharing service Airbnb, saying it is legal as long as there is no foul play. This headlines was appreared in the star newspaper which you could read the full article “HERE“.

We all know that for buying Property in Penang, you have got to pay the Downpayment, Loan & Legal fees, and subsequently monthly installment. However, if you buy a new launch property, very often developer will to give special promotion such as Absorbing the Loan *& Legal related fees, rebates and others. For Investment perspective, it is to use the lowest money to get highest return. Therefore in Propxpress we propose customer to buy New launch Project.

The question is which project we should buy for property investment?

Since it is a rising industry, we at PropXpress, devoted in giving you the Express news on Property will reveal THE BEST AIRBNB PROPERTY INVESTMENT that you can run in PENANG.

AirBnB Conversion for Property

Introducing Luminari, a new launch project in Butterworth.

You can view the promo page here.

Luminari is the latest addition of high rise luxury condo to Harbour place. By getting 10% Downpayment and Loan and Legal Fees absorbed by developer, you get to use own this condo by just a booking fee of RM2000.

WAIT!!! THAT’s too good to be true. Something is missing. Oh yes, there’s progressive Interest to worry about!

NOW, there’s a bonus campaign launch by developer. Customer that bought luminari will entitled for a Smart Investment Package(SIP) from RM18,000 split paid monthly to your pocket.  **Strictly T&C apply

That is pretty much solve your main concern.


WHY Luminari @ Harbour Place?

  • 5 Star Luxury Facilities with 6 themes that almost guarantee your valued guest something to remember about your hospitality.
  • SeaView and a City view of Georgetown at night that will make your JAW Drop.
  • Low Entry level by RM2,000 only.
  • Away from hustle bustle and it’s walking distance to Penang Sentral (where customer can take bus to KL JB), 5-10 mins to Jetty where customer can experience while visiting Penang.
  • FreeHold ( Commercial usage)–> Therefore is Airbnb Friendly.
  • Rising Demand & High Rental Yield per month.

Let’s Do the Math on what you can REALLY EARN in a month.

This is the rate of low Season surrounding. Assuming you have in average 2/3 of Occupancy per month, that will be 20 days out of 30.

20 days of occupancy in Low Season assuming per night RM230 will be RM4600.

The Average price of the Luminari Unit price is RM520k, with monthly installment RM2,186 for 35 years at 4.4% interest rate.

That’s a RM2,414 profit, a whopping 210% ROI in monthly installment.

What if you REACH Full Occupancy

Imagine if you have a full occupancy, or Peak rate during Public Holiday the ROI may easily reach doubled or tripled of what you are paying to bank.

Let’s look at the REAL LIFE EXAMPLEs  of OCCUPANCY rate In April for Wellesley Residence, existing condo and part of Harbour place master plan.

To our surprise, there only 2 days vacant, that means he get RM140x28 = RM3920 with monthly installment of RM1.2k per month on that building, he is earning 3x of that he paid to bank.

Sum Up

So there it goes for our recommendations. If you are interested to know more about the unit in details, you can fill in the link below and we’ll contact you soonest possible.


Coming Next Thread, we’ll reveal the BEST Investment in KLCC in 2017 to run for Airbnb. Stay tune.




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