What Can We Offer

What can we offer

There’s plenty of So Call Marketing Agents, Financial Advisor, Property Agents in the Market. No matter how Good or how professional the agents is, he/she must have specific jobs hiring near me area, their forte to offer the services.


In Property eXpress We are no Exception.


If you have matched one of the following options, then we are the right group of persons you shall engage with.


– On your path to acquire your first ever property in Penang, KL, JB or Melaka. However, you Need a consultant to walk you through the process Tactfully

– Require services like Bank officer, lawyer, Interior Designer in Malaysia Northern Region.

– Own few property or business running and you need advise to re-structure your portfolio.

– Thought of re-finance your Housing Loan to get cash for your business/higher education and need word of advise

– Acquired Funding and need Professional Agents with field experience to advise and build your wealth from there~

– How to Break LTV 70%




Just drop your enquiry below and we will definite get https://xjobs.org/ in touch with you~