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Best Investment Property 2018 near KLCC

Best Investment Property 2018 Near KLCC

Ever since the inception on 2015, Property Express is committed to provide the express news towards customer on either Penang or Kuala Lumpur New property Update.

On last year we made a compilation on Best Airbnb Conversion Property Investment in Penang and KL on 2017.

For this year, as usual we’ll provide the best Investment Property 2018 in KL via Short Term Rental. A.k.a Airbnb.


Yes you heard it right folks. Airbnb, the Hottest topics ever in property Nowadays.

If you are doing Conventional Rental, the max estimated Rental Yield base on current rate can only go upto 4%-5%.

However, if you are doing short term rent, it takes just 30% occupancy rate per month to breakeven with your installment, and with typical 60% Occupancy rate towards KL and Penang, you are expected to collect 8%-10% ROI with your unit.


Of course to achieve the ROI, location plays important Role in it.
That’s why we chose KLCC, the MOST Prime, concentrated Tourist Area in Malaysia for Short Term Rent.


Airbnb via Scarletz @ Jalan Yap Kwan Seng

Introducing Scarletz By Exsim.

Strategically Located along Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, it is merely 700m walking distance to Suria KLCC, making it a perfect spot for Tourist to stay.

You’ll have Iconic KLCC view, walking distance to LRT, and nearby corporate building mainly Bank and Telco(Maxis Tower) as a long term rental opportunities.


The Facilities

Of course without 5 star luxury facilities, it will not justify to attract guest come over and stay.

Scarletz facilities will consist of below:

Ground Floor > Sparkling Garden & Al Fresco Dining, Drop Off Lobby, Lobby Lounge,

Level 08 Level 46

Level 47 Level 48

> Sunken Lawn & Pavilion
> Business Centre / Conference Room, Sky Music Lounge, Function

> Sky Dining, Pool Lounge, Sky Jacuzzi, Sky Pool > Sky Gym, Wine Lounge


Artist Impression on the facilities

The Layout

As the tower is meant for converting to Hotel/Airbnb purpose, the layout is designed in small size to fit it’s need.

Type A, B, C layout are 450 sqft which includes washroom, pantry, and bedroom.

On the other hand, Type D and E are Dual Key Layout with includes double Washroom, pantry and bedroom.

Guess what, Due to the small size the price has become very affordable which will reveal afterwards.


The Accomodation Rate

Base on Airbnb statistic, by giving per night rate ranging from RM210 to RM500, topping up with 5 star cozy Hotel experience we believe the package will be able to generate huge responses from Tourist and therefore generate money for investors.



Taking RM210 x 20 days(60% occupancy rate) = You’ll get RM4200 Gross per unit.

Average Installment per unit is only around RM3100–>RM3500. If you are to manage the unit yourself the minimum estimated fare has covered your installment with some minor profit.

Taking RM500 x 20 days(60% occupancy rate) = You’ll get RM10,000 Gross Revenue per unit.

Average installment per unit is only around RM3100–>RM3500. You are in fact tripled your investment just for a month.


Background on Exsim the developer

Now a little bit background on Exsim. Exsim is a non-profit oriented developer. They are famous for selling at market rate price per sqft, but comes at 80% furnishing and giving unique, one of a kind building facade and luxury facilities. Base on the developer track record, the occupancy rate quickly take place within 6 months after CCC. The Rental Demand for their projects are usually high due to the fantastic facilities, thus driving demand on Rental and Sub-sale price.


Their projects are usually located at Bukit Jalil, Old Klang Road and KLCC Vicinity area. Rainz, Treez, Nidoz,Twin Arkz and recently completed Petalz are their prove of track record.

Due to their unique design building facade, one can almost identify their building when they are driving by the area.


The Hotel Management:

When it comes to investment for Short term rental, it has become almost normal that people start to look for management body to help handle their unit and the management in return shared the Profit receive.

My Key Global, a subsidiary of award winning Agency, IQI Global plays the important role in managing the Unit.

With partners from 5 star hotel management, they came up with Tiering Profit sharing which is an incentive base driven profit sharing concept to encourage performance and create win win situation to both parties.

For the first RMX, it’ll be a net 80:20 profit sharing, subsequently the tier will convert to 60:40.

Where X = 5000 (for 450 sqft), X= 6000 ( for 550sqft and 575sqft)


Taking Example of a 450 sqft unit earning average of RM6000 per month,

For the first RM5000, 80%[RM4000] will go to Owner, while only 20% will go to Mykey.

The next RM1000, 60%[RM600] will go to Owner, while 40% will go to Mykey.

By doing double tier profit sharing concept, the favours goes to Investor at the beginning, Mykey will need to become very hardworking to get the next tier in order to earn money.

However, by hitting the first tier, investor are already getting their installment covered per month.

THE BEST PART? subscribing to Mykey will utilize pool sharing concept. Meaning that all 450sqft will go into 1 pool and profit is being shared among owners regardless of whether your unit is being rent out or not.



Quote of the Day:

Adrian Wee the Property Entrepreneur once quoted, Buying a Perfect Property is only the First part of the Equation, Adding value to the Property is the 2nd part.


The Design and the cost:

Location – Checked

Developer Background – Checked

Management package – Checked

Coming to the last part to create a perfect investment property.

Due to huge subscription for the management, the material cost will become bulk purchase.

As a result, Mykey Renovation has become quite affordable.

450sqft of fully renovated let-able Unit only cost RM28,000 while Dual-key 550sqft fully renovated let-able unit only cost RM42,000.

Sneak Peak of Renovation:

For Scarletz to make things more lively, there’ll be themed base for room. With that, guest will be able to re-visit when they are back in Malaysia just to enjoy other theme base room and encourage repeat customer.


The Package:

Scarletz is a Commercial Title project, which means your Maximum loan can go upto 85%. ; with loan tenure goes upto 35 years(for specific bank).

It enable 3rd house buyer as well( LTV 70% unlocked)

The Price per sqft is ONLY RM1600+ vs surrounding Price per sqft are already RM1800++.

Currently attractive package and rebate are being offered. 



If you are interested to find out more about project above, you may contact us via link:



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Drop a message to one of our Agent, 017-4588547 Mr Yew to schedule exclusive showroom visit appointment.



Finally, we hope that this post will help investor when it comes to choosing the BEST Investment Property in 2018 near KLCC area.

Stay tune for Best Investment Property in 2018 near Penang Future Biggest Shopping Complex.


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