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Airbnb Property Investment Kuala Lumpur

Airbnb Property Investment Kuala Lumpur

KL is always been a main topspot for Malaysia Tourism Industries. CNN listed out that Kuala Lumpur rated no 7 out of 10 to be the most cities visited for travellers in 2016, welcoming 12.02 Millions visitors.

Malaysia itself ranked number 8 in Asia pacific most visited countries in the year 2015.

Knowing all the exciting news about to happen in Kuala Lumpur such as below,

  • High Speed Rail that connect KL–SG in 90 mins,
  • KL 118 that is going to surpass KLCC Twin Tower and become 3rd tallest in the world upon 2019 year of completion,
  • Tun Razak Exchange that is going to become Biggest Islamic Asia Financial Centre,
  •  KL MRT that connects Greater Kuala Lumpur that consist of Klang Valley.

We can’t help but to kept us thinking that the luck is finally on our side.  Economy in Malaysia will scale up to a whole new level and it would be wrong to miss this opportunity to earn some fortune, upgrading our lifestyle.

In PropXpress we are committed to bring all the express news on Property. On previous post we have listed out the hidden most wanted AirBnB investment opportunity in Penang, which you can check it out here.

Airbnb Friendly Property Investment in KLCC

In KL, Since it is a sponsored post, we are going to take different approaches.

If you happen to be

  • A guy who wanted to own a property in KLCC area with the lowest price per sqft you can afford,
  • A guy who wish to get low Downpayment,
  • A guy who wanted to get high rental yield
  • A guy who wanted to but the property and convert it for AirBnb Business purposes

You are in LUCK.

We have a special Deal for you where you can Get :

  1. Low Downpayment, as low as 1.5%.
  2. High Projected Rental Yield, as high as 9% yearly.
  3. Lowest Price Per Sqft within KLCC surrounding.
  4. Excellent View of KL tower, KLCC Twin Tower and upcoming KL 118.
  5. World Class Facilities constructed to facilitate Short Term Stay/Business stay.
  6. Optional Hotel Management committee in aiding to clean your Room unit for Guest.
Sounds too Good to be True?

Let the Math do the counting

Let’s show a calculation for AirBnB in KLCC area.
If you are to stay in KLCC Area with 5 star Hotel, it could easily cost you RM1000 per night. But since it is for Airbnb a short stay, let’s take RM250 price per night for a room for 5 star Experience to live in KLCC, would people choose Airbnb Over Hotel with 4X cost saving?
Assuming 60% occupancy in a month 20 Days RM250 x20 = RM5000, I’d say that’s a very good profit you got for Non Peak season rental yield.
Just in case If you have no time to manage your unit, there’s a option for you to partner with a operator to help you manage your room. Taking the same example, if we divide by say 30%(management cut ) and 70%(your profit), that’s  also RM3500 per month nett income you earned, which is also consider very good deal.
WHAT IF It’s a school Holiday? Peak Season with price increase and 99% occupancy rate? I bet you are currently laughing off your teeth already.
Now that we got your interest, what would you do? Are you gonna hit the “X” icon and wait for next opportunity
You wanted to know more on what you can really get and say THANK GOD I MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION 20 years later?
What is it gonna be?



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