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Luminari @ Harbour place by OSK Property

Luminari by OSK Property

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Luminari serviced residence is the latest addition to OSK Property’s Harbour Place Metrocity development in Butterworth, Penang.

Located strategically along Jalan Chain Ferry, it is only a mere minutes drive away from the upcoming Penang Sentral.

The development consist of two 35 and 32 storey towers added to Butterworth Signature skyline, offering total of 462 units to be available for buyer.

Project Overview:

Project Name : Luminari Suites
Location : Harbour Place, Butterworth, Penang (Jalan Chain Ferry)
Property Type : Serviced apartment
Total Units: 462
Indicative Price : From RM500/Sqft onwards.
Date of Completion: 2020
Developer OSK Property

Luminari Layout plan

Type A: 2 bed & 2 baths. 947 sqft. 1 Carpark  type A

Type B: 3 bed & 2 baths.1055 sqft. 2 Carpark type B

Type C: 3 bed & 2 baths.1206 sqft. 2 Carpark type C

Type D: 3 Bed & 2+1 Baths, 1335 sqft. 2 Carpark type D

Luminari Facilities Area:


  • Gymnasium / Putting Green
  • Aqua Gym
  • Badminton court/Multi Purpose Hall
  • Outdoor Fitness Zone
  • Outdoor Pilates & Aerobic Deck
  • Yoga Deck

The PLAYPEN zone

  • Children Playground
  • Play Mounds
  • Tree House
  • Swing Shelter
  • Kids Activity Zone

The ENCLAVE zone

  • BBQ area
  • Gourmet Kitchen
  • Multi-Function Room
  • Karaoke Lounge
  • Games Room


  • Sculpture Garden
  • Pavilion square
  • Frolic Lawn
  • Bench Garden
  • Secret Garden


  • Reading Room
  • Sky Lounge
  • Vantage Point
  • Bliss Garden
  • Hammock Garden

Key Features:

  • Luminari™ nestles harmonically within the well-established Harbour Place development along Jalan Chain Ferry, strategically close to eminent landmarks and major access routes
  • Nearby upcoming integrated transportation hub – Penang Sentral, expect a myriad of commuting modes easily exchangeable from ferries, to buses, to taxis and even the train station network within vicinity
  • Green Building Index(GBI) certified development
  • Ideal sizes ranging from 950sqft – 1330 suitable for young couple, medium size family
  • Common areas aesthetically designed by world-acclaimed interior design masters
  • Double volume lobby / waiting lounge with grand drop-off area
  • 32 modern facilities in 6 zones across 77,000 sqft to cater for all people and designed to be family orientated or ideal for family bonding
  • 24-hour security system & access card system and also CCTV surveillance
  • Partnership with Telekom Malaysia to ensure latest high-speed broadband (HSBB) network connectivity upon completion of project

Sales Packages:

  • RM2000 Booking Fee
  • Rebate:7% +3%(if sign SPA within 60 days from booking date)
  • Rebate: Bumi additional 5% discount

Status: Package above are no longer applicable.

However Subsale market is available. Click this link if you wish to engage for Subsale(Secondary market) unit.

If you are interested, kindly drop your enquiry here.


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