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PropXpress is proudly to present the Millionaire Residency Community~

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What is Millionaire Residency Community?

Millionaire Residency Community is a program initiated by PropXpress, with the objective to gather a group of investor and help them to be successful by achieving financial freedom on property Investment, and ultimately enjoying extraordinary lifestyle.

The current coverage area are Penang, Klang Valley, Johor Bahru and sometimes Melaka.

Why Choose Millionaire Residency Community?

We are a group of Passionate Investor, and Real Estate Agent. We are a firm believer that we will only be successful by helping other people to success.

As a Real Estate Agent, we are constantly updated with latest news and deals internally. By subscribing with us, we’ll keep you posted on the latest deals and news going on.

What do i get by joining Millionaire Residency Community?

By Joining the Millionaire Residency Community, you’ll get

✔ Exclusive Insider News

✔ Private 1 on 1 Appointment. Upon request.

✔ Free Ebook section on the Beginners Guide to Property Investment, Why choose Property as a vehicle to Financial Freedom, The strategy and tricks that separate the Pro and the Amateur (Work In Progress)

✔ Group Buy opportunity

✔ VIP invite on New project launches.

What is the requirement to join the community?

There are no absolute requirement, but you are recommend to qualify criteria below as the deal and the news is often set within these range.

  • You must be able to buy a RM600,000 onwards housing with Cash.


  • You must be able to afford a minimum RM4,000 housing Installment.


  • You are able to get RM1,000,000 Loan even if you are did not qualify on the 2 requirement above.

Questionnaire will be sent to your email to get your background confirmation. 

How can i join the Community? What is the Fee incur?

It is totally FREE~ Well, for now.

Ideally, we aim to open this to the Public with no restriction.

However, doing so will jeopardize our whole intention of keeping the good deal within the group.

Therefore we will temporarily limit the number to be capped in 500 people.

Click Here to join the Millionaire Residency Community.

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