Career@ PropXpress

Career @ PropXpress

 – The Best is Yet to Achieve, Until we found you!

In Property Express, we believe that by bringing important Insight to people, customer will be empower to get their most desired property regardless of Investment or Own Stay Purposes.

If you think your life is worth more that what you are doing, you wanted to become part of something BIG, The Next BIG Thing~

Here’s your chance!!

we are hiring~

Part time Job, Full time Job, FreeLance

Here’s a short summary about us and the company.

We are Part Of IQI Global, working with few top developers Not Only In Malaysia but In the World to Market their products.

We have 6 International Offices, over 10 Global Real Estate Partners, and currently have more than 2000 Sales Agents Globally.

Within 5 years, We have won 3 years consecutively Iproperty award.

These are our Offices within the World, and THE BEST PART?
We are still expanding, RAPIDLY!

We work with Top Developers Around the World!!

More important, we acquired google alike 24,000sqft office for warrior mobile workstation.

Did we not mention the 24/7 operating Hours?

Literally Anytime~  

Struck with idea late night 1am? No Problem, come over to 24/7 Loft. We even have coffee for you so you can save your starbucks budget!


So what’s the criteria to become part of the team?

The BURNING Desire to do something bigger than what you are currently been doing.

If you have great Interest in EITHER one of the criterias below, you might fit us just nice.

  • Strong Interest in E-commerce/Website/Passions in Writing/Design.
  • Likes to meet new People everyday/Networking.
  • Proactive in performing task most of the time. Willing to spend time on something at your own initiative.
  • Likes to engage people.
  • Wanted to contribute something make use of your Free time to have a better living.
  • Desire to earn not 5 figure BUT 6 figures per month~ Achievable.

Oh By the Way the good news is that you don’t have to put away immediately what you are currently doing.

  1. For those working 9am to 6pm, this can potentially be a lucrative part time job for you.
  2. For people working closely in between construction, ID, Luxury car, this could be your Affiliate income~
  3. If you are an introvert but extremely good in writing/design, we have a slot for you to shine too~

Just register yourself and we shall call you up for some coffee session!