Aspen Grand Master Plan @ Batu Kawan Finally Revealed


The Grand Master Plan ~ Finally Revealed

Aspen, a strategic partnership between Ikano Pte Ltd has made it’s move and on it’s way to realize a Vision City at Batu Kawan.

The whole Aspen Grand Master Plan occupied 245 acres out of the 6000 Acres bandar cassia. Though it’s only 4% of bandar Cassia, with the modern concept and it’s strategic location and partnership, it’s hard for INVESTOR to not Noticing and Participating in the future growth of the whole Master Plan.

Below are some of the key take away on Aspen Vision City Phase 1.


IKEA in Penang

The Collaboration to established IKEA in Penang is consider one of the most secure strategy to gain investor trust.
Proven in Klang Valley, the property price has rise dramatically whenever Ikea Set Foot on.
Damansara Price per square foot has become RM1200++ up to date. IKEA Cheras that commence operation not so long ago also has bring up the property surrounding price to somewhere similar to Damansara Price. Investor are to foresee the similar concoction effect towards Batu Kawan.

Ikea is expected to complete by 2018.


Vervea Suite

Vervea Suite the new Generation of Shoplot located just behind IKEA. In view of re-ramping the conventional Penang Developer concept, Vervea will practice common car park area base on first in first out basis instead of fixed allocation carpark for shoplot owner. By preparing 1500 lot of carpark in the whole area, the management believes that it will enhance the experiences from customer perspective. To add in further, a multi-storey carpark will build at the center of the shoplot which able to fit in another 1500 cars. Aspen strives to get rid of the carpark problem that has occur in few of the shops in Island  such as Bayan Bay, The One, Elite Height, and the recent Icon City @ Bukit Tengah.

Vervea shop office occupied 35 acres of 245 acres land, making it the upcoming largest gated and guarded commercial precinct in Penang. Comprising of 451 units of shop offices, 10 ft wide shaded walkways, Street light with LED panels for advertising and 300m covered high street for events and activities, Vervea had just set the benchmark where the next generation of lifestyle shop offices  should be as it is.


Vervea suites target completion date is 2018.

Currently, shoplot still remains open with very limited lot. Register Below to get in touch on the Vervea Shop lot.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1476370399184{background-color: #1e73be !important;}”]


Financial hub

Right after you passed through Vervea shop offices, a whole renown financial hub is just next to the shop. The target is to prepare and allocate all Bank to setup the branch there; making not duplication, but an upgraded version of Penang Island beach street. Unlike Vervea suite, due to space limitation, the carpark will be on basement, while the building is estimated to have 6 to 7 storey high.

Fortunately, this financial hub is part of the phase 1.


Columbia Asia Hospital

Columbia Asia, a chain of hospitals in Asia, is investing RM185 million to construct and operate the first hospital in Batu Kawan.The Purchase and Development Agreement take place between Columbia Asia and Aspen Group and Ikano Pte Ltd. After the first IKEA store, Columbia Asia Hospital is another international brand that’ll set foot on Batu Kawan MetroPolis under gross development of RM8 Billion. Columbia Asia Hospital is just next to the upcoming Financial hub and will have 3 storey high building.

Vertu Resort

Of course how could we miss out the whole new condo. Vertu Resort is the first residential building from Aspen located next to Vervea Suites. One could brag about the facility which offers 150m swimming pool, which 3x of the olympic size pool in the middle of all 5 tower. To make the ease of accesbility further, a linkage(bridge connection) will made between Vertu to Vervea, and Vervea to Hotel Office Tower and Subsequently Hotel Office Tower to Integrated Shopping Mall, which is linked with IKEA. Consist of 5 towers and over 50+ facilities offered, Vertu strive to ensure buyer feels more like a resort rather than typical condo.

With total of 1282 units, the response is consider overwhelming as the soft launches grabbed around 60%-70% of the units. Pricing are from RM497,000 onwards. Targetting to complete by Q1 2020, Vertu Resort buyer can rest assure that there’ll already be existing amentities surrounding such as IKEA(2018), KDU(2018), Vervea Suite(2018).

Attractive Package such as Furnishing, Freebies are up for grab. Register below to know more about Vertu Resort.

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The Verdict

With IKEA, the main lure module for crowd, Vervea suite then benchmarking lifesyle shoplot, Financial Hub the centre of Bank related services, Columbia Asia Hospital the medical facilities are already good enough to become a self sustaining community. Not to Mention phase 2 development like Central Island Park, Commercial building, Shopping Centre and ongoing Development such as KDU, Penang Design Village, University of Hull and Eco Horizon by Eco World; Be it Investor or Owner, Batu Kawan is on it’s way to Become the most prestige Metro City in Penang.

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_custom_heading text=”New Project @ Batu Kawan
The Upcoming Metrocity” font_container=”tag:h3|text_align:left|color:%232068e5″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

  • New Investment HOTSPOT Location @ Penang Batu Kawan
  • 5 mins to Upcoming Shopping Mall
  • 5 mins away to Penang 2nd Bridge
  • 5 mins to KDU
  • 5 mins to World Renown House and Furnishing mall.
  • Low Density
  • A New Metrocity 

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